CMSA Arizona Public Policy, February 2013

I have submitted our application for nomination for the National CMSA Public Policy award. We have a very good chance for winning! CMSA announces the winners at the National CMSA conference in New Orleans in June.

I attended the AZ Nurses Association Nurse Lobby Day February 12, 2013. Nurses from the state of Arizona listened to Rory Hays, JD, Az NA Lobbyist speak about the Governor’s Medicaid plan.

Highlights of the Proposal:

  • Cost in first full year is $ 154 million from general fund in first full year of implementation.
  • Arizona will receive almost $1.6 billion in federal funds.
  • Funding would allow state to provide health insurance for an additional 240,000 Arizonans and continue insuring 50,000 childless adults.
  • The general fund costs of Prop 204 would be shifted to a statewide provider assessment fee.
  • If federal match for childless adults is cut below 80%, this action would be automatically repealed.

A group of us from District 18 spoke with Representative Robson regarding:

SB 1208: Minors, tobacco derived products
SB 1241: Teenage drivers; communication devices prohibited
HB 2400: Prior Authorization

The CMSA AZ Public Policy committee received a thank you note from our January guest speaker, Mary Harden.

Thank you for allowing me to speak to your group on Wednesday January 9th. Hopefully I will see some of you at the Az NA Lobby Day on Feb 12th. Keep up the good work.

Mary A. Harden, RN


How to find your district – District Locator

How Legislators voted on Health-care Issues:Interactive State Legislative Voting Guide

Newly Elected Senators and Representatives

House of Representatives Endorsed Winners


PK Fields[email protected]
Charon Dillard[email protected]
Kerry Halcomb [email protected]
Laura Goo[email protected]
Monica Campbell[email protected]

Senate Endorsed Winners

Committee Chairs

Nomination [email protected]
CommunicationsRachelle/Lesley[email protected]
Public PolicyPK Fields[email protected]
MembershipKerry Halcomb[email protected]
Conference Planning Charon Dillard[email protected]
ProgramsLaura Goo[email protected]

Your 2013-2014 CMSA Board-Your Vote!

It is time for all CMSA members to case your vote for the National Elections. It only takes 5 minutes! Each CMSA member has been assigned a personal registration code to vote. It is NOT your membership number. Our very own Laura Bachrach, CMSA AZ Executive Director is running for President. We also have Debra Bellitter, CMSA AZ past President running for a Director position. Good luck ladies! The voting is open until March 12th.

Added CMSA Resources:

Please visit our National CMSA website  and click on the tab to the side that says Governmental Affairs & Advocacy. Please click on the hyper link that says Access the Policy Maker Portal. You will find a Resource kit, Issues and advocacy, and News and Events. This is an excellent way of getting know what bills CMSA is supporting.

Goals for February and March:

Make contact with your District Representative! Keep it simple and short! Invite them for coffee and educate them on what role Case Managers play in health-care. If you need help or assistance please reach out to me at [email protected].  Please email me with your contacts.

Go take a tour of our AZ Capitol. At the front desk ask the security guard what sessions are going on and sit in on those. The security guard is use to these questions! He will give you directions. Parking is free!

The Public Policy Committee will be meeting in April. We will be discussing which Representatives we met with and assess how the meeting went. Don’t be shy! They really do want to know who we are and what we do! We can help them make those crucial decisions. I will quote Representative Robson “We put our pants on just like everyone else, one leg at a time.”

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