2014 CMSA AZ Conference

2014 Annual Conference

Friday, September 5, 2014
6+ CEUs

Welcome to the Case Management Society of America-Arizona Chapter’s 14th annual conference! In behalf of the CMSA Board, we are thrilled to present an array of educational topics that spark the interests of nurse case managers, social workers, and healthcare providers. We are challenged to find our paths through the dense jungles of healthcare requiring we become more knowledgeable with navigational tools and resources for optimizing quality client outcomes. Case Management, today, is no longer a meek voice but a booming roar that can be heard for miles and so aptly our 2014 conference is named “Case Management Roars in Today’s Healthcare Jungle”!

Healthcare consumerism is the jungle-roar echoing with Medicare changes and Arizona State governmental reform. Care coordination in primary care practices has exponentially increased in recent years with intent to keep the patient out of the costly acute care setting and prevent inappropriate readmissions. When the patient does present to the hospital, interdisciplinary care teams assist ascertaining the ideal recovery options. Acute Rehabilitation? Home health? Custodial care? Palliative Care? It feels as though monkey-madness has prevailed in 2014 prompting us to become more innovative with our continuum of care.

Our CMSA Arizona Chapter conference this year provides a venue of expertise: Nancy Skinner, our CMSA National President addresses the transitions of care; Dr. Djergaian helps us understand regulatory changes impacting acute rehabilitation and why this care environment can be cost effective while maximizing recovery. Glen Spencer enhances our Medicare knowledge base so we are able to advocate for our disabled and age-advancing population while Jason Bezozo helps us understand how government changes can positively (or negatively) impact all these care environments. And our dyad speakers, Laura Colley and Dr. Martinez, usher us through an innovative approach to healthcare practices! We sincerely appreciate their participation in our event!

I must acknowledge and provide KUDOS to our CMSA Board Members, 12 individuals that devote countless hours to ensure dynamic educational programs are offered on a monthly basis. You are talented, skilled, and giveback to our community daily. Thank you for a wonderful 2014 Conference! Our patient-clients are also appreciative! Our post-acute providers are committed to partnering with us as we reshape our healthcare future. Your event participation provides opportunities for our attendees to better understand our collaborative provider-network and the multitudes of various care options benefiting our clients and patients. Thank you for your participation!

Maneuvering through this healthcare jungle is difficult. Will we lose our way? Our beacon of light shining through the tangled vines of the jungle is extolled by the CMSA’s strategic Vision: “Case managers are recognized experts and vital participants in the care coordination team who empower people to understand and access quality, efficient healthcare.” Our client-centered settings encompass post-acute providers, hospitals, primary care practices, clinics, and ambulatory settings and we are beginning to work collaboratively as one entity establishing partnerships with fellow healthcare professionals. New position titles are popping up… navigator, transitionalist, but at the core of each of these is the well-equipped Case Manager, the Jungle Navigator!

Interested in furthering Case Management? Excited about the conference and how you can participate? Make a difference in the lives of our patients, clients, family members, and share your expertise? WE invite you to join CMSA, join YOUR CMSA Board, and have fun with us as we climb to the tree tops of the jungle and ROAR!

Kathy Singleton, RN-BC, BSN, MSL, CCM
2014 President of CMSA – Arizona

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